Two-Hour BYOB Crash Course in Acting

The class: Attendees loosen limbs with their favorite beverage in hand at this one of a kind acting class and test out their acting chops during a two-hour crash course designed for beginners, including singles, friends, couples, and coworkers looking to build confidence and strengthen their relationships.

The actor’s studio: Expert instructors Rob Sedgwick (brother to Kyra) and Catherine Russell pair students off with partners and hand over the pages to a scene from a well-known sitcom or movie, offering tips along the way to help performers conquer stage fright and discover their inner actor.

The script: Students will perform scenes from sitcoms like Friends or Cheers and from Oscar-nominated screenplays like Silver Linings Playbook and When Harry Met Sally.

Sedgwick-Russell is one of New York’s top-rated boutique acting studios. In a relaxed, social setting. Rob Sedgwick and Cathy Russell. experienced actors and teachers will guide you step-by-step through creating a memorable performance.

The classes are easy, fun, and totally stress-free. They are also ideal for beginners, so grab your friends, coworkers, plan a unique date night, or fly solo and meet some creative people.

  • No previous acting experience required.
  • All scripts, props and costumes are included.
  • Everyone will leave with a copy of their acting debut on their phone.

For questions call or e-mail Sedgwick-Russell at (917) 439-3690
Gift certificates for 6 week acting classes are available as well.